The Midnight Breakfast event

 I think quite often, what happens in people's minds is that ambition creates an obtainable goal. Baltimore is a tough city with talented individuals and recently I was invited to a event called The  Midnight Breakfast by Chef Andrew Frett, he's known for creating  music, painting and now putting a spin on traditional eating. The event was invite only and was very intimate with all talented individuals that's going ... READ MORE

Blake Bell Interview

In 2016 athletes have became more interesting due to seeing there day to day life on social media. I recently had the chance to interview San Franciscoso 49ers Blake Bell. The football star talked about his life style an more. Check out the full interview below  1. How would you describe your style?I have a “look good, feel good” mentality, and your sense of style describes your personality to people. ... READ MORE

I INEFFABLE Fall/Winter '16 Lookbook

INEFFABLE is owned and designed by 17 year old Zack Fryer. He started the brand when he was just in 8th grade. Now, he is out of high school and is working on INEFFABLE full-time. The brand started with a 12-shirt run of a single design and since then has grown to release bi-annual collections consisting of everything from graphic tees to jeans and complex outerwear. The brand has ... READ MORE

5th Annual 1914 Affair 

Baltimore native, artist and curator Cheyanne Givens created an event called 1914 affair where artist can express there talents, network and wear there best clothing that represent them. Last night I was able to attend the event and it felt like Afro punk after dark. When arriving we were greeted with a live band that were playing all the classics, then taking photos with the pixilated machine. During the ... READ MORE

Teyana Taylor X Paper Magazine 

Teyana Taylor was featured in Kanye west new video & the world shook. Patience is virtue because she has been signed to good music for quite some time and things are finally going smooth for her career. The way her body looks has been giving women around the world more inspiration to work out and get up and get it. Check out her Paper Magazine shoot ... READ MORE

Kim Kardashian Rocking Fur

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Kim Kardashian, star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” arrives home at her hotel in New York City wearing a grey fur-lined coat. Kim has had a busy week attending charity events. President of the United States, Barack Obama, was recently asked if he ever watched the show or followed the Kardashians’ career, to which he responded that he didn’t. Why would he watch the show?? He better be making sure the country money is gonna be back on top in a few years. Is it me or Kim dress up so much that it isn’t a big deal to see her in any hot clothing any more.

Icy or Spicy Omarion in Christian Louboutin Alfredo Flat Leopard Pony Hair Shoe

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Omarion is known to try to be on the fashion scene once in a while The R&B start was clubbing in NY city and was spoted wearing the Christian Louboutin Alfred flat leopard print pony hair shoes that retail at $995. Do you think he is a joke or is he icy or spicy? The girl in the photo killed it for him I think ahahah LOL.

Omarion icy or spicy

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Rihanna We found Love Official Video

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This is by far Rihanna best video so far in her career. The nirvana 90,s grunge look is the inspiration for the video. Dudley O’shaughnessy the model and boxer is so great as an cameo as well. The video shows visuals are people who have highs and lows in an relationship. The clothing Dudley had on was very american apparel simple but still icyyy. He is a clone of Chris brown with blond hair.

Eminem, Keith Richards, Lil Wayne Covers GQ Magazine

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GQ The Survivors issue is on newsstands November 25th. My favorite is Erkah Badu which is below. I dont really like the cover with wayne Eminem and Keith Richards. Lil Wayne’s online interview will be available on Nov. 20, hope he has good things people really care to read about. His fashion sense is so messy my brain is gonna explode!

Erykah Badu is an art piece!

Christian Louboutin Splash Fur Slingback

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These babies are retailing for $ 1,535. It seems like red bottoms are the it shoe and leaves other shoes designers to shame lately. Wendy Williams had this shoe on the show called  A List NewYork. This shoes comes in black also. I think every women who can afford this shoe should have a few in there closet. In winter fur is everything. I guess if you are not rocking red bottoms your a Steve Madden girl!

Amber Rose Covers Inked Magazine

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Amber Rose is the latest celebrity to cover an issue of Inked magazine, The socialite/model/girlfriend of Wiz Khalifa is posing for the mag’s November issue and in it showing off her tatts. Ms.Rose used to give us life far as fashion. I dont think it is her top priority now. The Kanye Amber will come back some day. What are your thoughts about this cover?

P.S  Amber and Wiz celebrates her B-day in Hollowood California. I am feeling her new hair!! I think it represents her new life with Wiz .

ICY OR SPICY Melanie Fiona’s Black Girls Rock!

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Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2011 Footwear

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These are so Icyyy. I think these Giuliano shoes have the Prada creepers beat. Many celebrities will have these on soon. I would style Drake in these. Dont ask me why I said Drake but he needs a stylist!! The newest styles include these oxford large tassel shoes ($880). Platforms are really on a come back gonna buy me a pair soon. Which paris is your favorite everyone. Thanks

Designer Spotlight Ying Edge

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The world never talks about upcoming designers until Anna Wintour discovers them. I present to you  Bishme Cromartie. When following your dreams you have to start somehwre. Bishme started sewing at a young age with and his aunt. Many designers  start by basics and thats what he decided to put his sewing needles to work. After a few more years of practice, Bishme came up with the name for his clothing line: YING EDGE. Bishme wanted his clothes to appeal to all ages not just his peers.  He began his line with tee-shirts and hoodies. He knew that this would be an easy and quick way to get his clothes and label noticed by the public. As Bishme has grown and evolved, so has his style as a designer.  He wanted to showcase his true talent by designing and making garments from scratch. Today his work has been featured in Elle Vietnam and Vogue Italia’s website. Congrats, this man is from Baltimore and many dont make it out to pursue there dreams. Dreams do come true and I wish him much success in his career.

Style Pantry

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                                                   Style Pantry Gives Me Life!

Style Pantry  always kills it when it comes to pairing her clothing. When a women can have  garments that is desginer and some that isn’t and you cant tell the difference  this is when you know the person has style. My favorite is her your hair!! Everyone they key thing is accessories when it comes to women’s clothing. This fashion blogger and I are will be working with each other one day so stay tuned!!