Sony/Meg artist Que Williams is back"

There is a noticeable difference between today’s R&B and the music of the past. Once upon a time, great vocalists like Michael, Gerald, Luther and Keith had passion in their music. They had romance. The music made love. I ran across Sony/MEG artist Que Williams and I haven't looked back since. Bringing a new flavor to R & B, Que adds in neo-soul, trap and eclectic tunes to his music. ... READ MORE

Met ball 2017

It's known as the fashion world's Oscars, but it's a lot more than just a red carpet The Met Gala is more than just the fashion world's version of the Academy Awards. The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute brings together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and politics for one night of revelry. Take the world's biggest celebrities, dress them in couture and stick them ... READ MORE

London Mitchell Pop Up Shop

Hi everyone, lately I have been working on my new brand London Mitchell. It is a street wear brand that I started in college back in 201 but now I'm bring this line to life. It will be available for purchase on April 7th, 2017 in Baltimore MD at Pipe Dreamz boutique where they also sell amazing art. The dress code to this event is to come looking amazing ... READ MORE

The Midnight Breakfast event

 I think quite often, what happens in people's minds is that ambition creates an obtainable goal. Baltimore is a tough city with talented individuals and recently I was invited to a event called The  Midnight Breakfast by Chef Andrew Frett, he's known for creating  music, painting and now putting a spin on traditional eating. The event was invite only and was very intimate with all talented individuals that's going ... READ MORE

Blake Bell Interview

In 2016 athletes have became more interesting due to seeing there day to day life on social media. I recently had the chance to interview San Franciscoso 49ers Blake Bell. The football star talked about his life style an more. Check out the full interview below  1. How would you describe your style?I have a “look good, feel good” mentality, and your sense of style describes your personality to people. ... READ MORE

Giuseppe Zanotti Presentation Fall 2011 Video

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Giuseppe Zanotti talks prints and inspirations about the latest collection. The man sure knows what heels a women should walk in. I love when designers talk about how they created their items for the consumers. Celebrities across the world are styled in them. From Kelly Rowland to Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are big fans and you should be too, if you aren’t already. Check out the video below.

Watch the presentation of Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2011 collection. In this clip is looking for editors

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Are you a fan of  my new site and tumblr blog ,  If so, you’re in luck: Im looking for editors that  loves to write about fashion and would love to become apart of my team !

I am looking for fashion editors that has knowledge about brands, designers, industry business leaders, models, editors, photographers, and more. You should be fashion news obsessed, an avid reader of the blogosphere and fashion sites with the ability to scour the web for under-the-radar news and interesting story ideas. I am based in California right now but will be moving to NY next year and taking my site and team to the next level

I will have more details as we email each other to see where you would fit on my website

Think you’ve got what it takes? Please send a resume, cover letter and writing clips to with the subject lineAnotherfashionbook editor  You must look good and know great information when it comes to fashion 🙂

Kids & Fashion

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As the saying goes, “The kids are our future –” and I say, “We better have our future looking good – well dressed and well mannered”. For those of us who have kids and young siblings, sooner or later we start to notice how observant those adolescent kids are. I feel it’s our responsibility to have our kids looking their best, at all times – they’re a reflection of ourselves and everything they see. I always admire the snazzy dressed kids and usually not far away are the chic looking parents who take pride in not only the way they look but in the appearance of their entire family. I feel there is no reason to have our child or sibling look poorly especially if we or the parent looks the total opposite. There are a variety of retailers and designers that cater well for kids at different pricing-H&M, GAP,Ralph Lauren, Mexx, Old Navy, D&G and many more



Celebs On There Iciness!! Swizz Beatz & Mary J Blige

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 Swizz beatz is one stylish dude. I think he rocks the Christian Louboution sneakers better then anybody i have seen wearing them lately . His relationship with the designers gets him the custom colors people die for. It would be a dream to become his stylist me and swizzy have talked about it on twitter before in the past. Many people sleep on his style. When paring an outfit you should always have key pieces that stands out and that what makes style unique

It is always nice to see mary J Blige She was spoted  going in BBC-Radio-One-Studios with the Christian Louboutin Leopard-Booties. This women is giving life!!

Icy Photo Of The Day Amber Rose

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Lady Gaga Is Larger Than Life On The Cover Of Visionaire Magazine

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Lady Gaga, who’s been trading the usual dramatic get-ups for timeless and demure attire as of late, takes to the cover of Visionaire magazine and shows off a curvy figure in a oil-ruined mermaid gown.I am so tied of seeing her do the same stuff over and over again. I think maybe we see her to much and it is time for her to take a break



Theophilus London’s 70s Style Featured In GQ & Black Book

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70’s Are Back!

I aqm not an fan of  GQ magazine but I love when they use known artist in there editorials because we dont see them that often. Theophilus London has a style like no other. I saw him live in San Francisco before and you can feel that he is really talented with a twist of his own style when it comes to fashion. This man has graced the covers of Elle, Complex, V-Man and Vogue Italia. Do you guys think he will become an fashion icon as his career go’s?

Tailored Clothes the difference

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Observe a well dressed man in well tailored clothing with a fit just right for him – and that’s just it, a fit just right for him. That’s the concept of having clothing special fitted for you. Looking at the difference between tailored and ‘off-the-rack clothing, the appearance and perception.


First off, I didn’t grow up knowing the difference between tailored and off-the-rack clothing but I could always identify and indicate who looked more put together and trim than the other. Now a days, I don’t consider clothing unless the fit is ideal and accomplished to my liking. I advise, in any occasion or circumstance, before purchasing clothing (Jackets, Blazers, Shirts, Pants, Etc…) to keep a trim look, make sure it has a fit, furnished and neat appearance when wearing the garment rather than a baggy look which communicates something totally different (nothing positive).

What I find many individuals don’t consider is that communication is not just verbal. In fact, much of it is transmitted through body language and appearance. The very thought of someone mistaken me for a very wealthy and successful business man, catering and providing the best of service just based on my appearance and clothing is still mind blowing to me. Wearing tailored clothing gives off a form of respect for yourself and respect for the individual’s around you. Once you are displaying respect for yourself, others will automatically treat you with the upmost respect and at the end of the day that’s what most of us acquire – respect.

Samuel Peart – A Fashionable Gentleman.

Residing in Toronto, Canada.

Janet Jackson Covers Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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This women sure is beautiful! Janet Covers harper’s Bazaar Arbaia. I love the christmas green it is just everything. Shot by photographer Alan Gelati and styled by Sally Matthews, the shoot celebrates this month’s Abu Dhabi Formula 1 and the impending 40th anniversary of the UAE. Janet looks very young she does not age all.

Icy Or Spicy Beyonce In NY City

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Beyonce is glowing. The red jacket with the cheetah scarf is a go. I love the boots I will keep you updated to let you know exactly what  brand she is sporting. She also was spoted on Halloween looking icy sexy bumble bee. She paired her yellow and black costume with a pair of Alexander McQueen geometric patterned taxi leather pumps ($810) Pictures are below