2 chains X Versace Sneaker

Just a few weeks ago, rapper 2 Chainz teased a photo of an unreleased pair of Versace sneakers on his Instagram page. Previewing a chain link outsole of the mysterious pair, the Atlanta native provided very little information on the sneakers—leaving many to speculate that a 2 Chainz and Versace collab was possibly in the works. Now, after weeks of rumors, 2 Chainz and Donatella Versace finally confirm the ... READ MORE

La La, Fabolous, Christian & Justin Combs Sit Front Row for Draya Michele's Mint Swim at New York Fashion Week

On night two of Style Fashion Week, New York, La La, Fabolous, Christian & Justin Combs and others sat front row for celebrity designer Draya Michele's Mint Swim collection. Mint Swim was the finale showcase for a two-day series, presented by Style Fashion Week at Cipriani 42nd Street.  Others in attendance included Blackbear, Masika Kalysha, Briana Wilson, Breah Hicks, Kailand & Mandla Morris and ... READ MORE

Missoni Pre-Fall 2012

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Angela Missoni focused on outerwear to keep the ladies warm this year. The clothing in this pre fall collection had knitted raschel with very iconic patterns. Missoni has the best patterns when it comes to the industry. The Slim pants and miniskirts were paired with fitted wool turtlenecks and V-neck sweaters. When wearing these garments I would pair them with other things so the pattern wont be to loud. check out the collection below.


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The Barbie steped out looking so icyyy at the Grammy nomination. Do you guys agree that when she dresses normal she is so sexy and fashionable? She was wearing a pair of white patent leather Versace triple platform pumps ($1,295) from the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection to match her dress. I love how Terrance her hair stylist made sure that hair was on point!!

Icy or Spicy Zac Efron in Topman Burgandy Chunky Cable Cardigan

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Zac  was busy promoting his new film   New Year’s Eve  in England. He paired Topman Burgandy Chunky Cable Cardigan and Aldo Mr. B’s Blake Shoes. The Aldo Blacke shoes is what made this icyyyy. What are your thoughts on the look Icy Or Spicy?


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The Harris Twin Models

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Alex and Andrew Harris takes Ny by storm. They started modeling because they love fashion of course and  in high school they quoted to  Luxe 7 magazine “We started modeling because we weren’t too good looking in high school and never thought we would ever have the opportunity to get on the runway. Even though we couldn’t afford the designer clothing that everyone else wore, we loved fashion. We eventually completely changed our look and decided to go for it and haven’t stopped since. We now have been modeling for about 8 months.” It must be nice to be models now because that is a smack in the face to those you guys went to school with. The twins are currently not signed to any major modeling companies yet but I have a feeling we will see these guys on the high fashion runways pretty soon Check out there photos below


New Artist AmilCAR

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The new artist AmilCar is based out of  Chicago and from NY. He recently just dropped a new video that inspires people in fashion to be all you can be. He talks in the documentary about how fancy things like Prada and Gucci can become materialistic but you still would like the finer things in life and still want to be successful. I think it is dope to see people in the world tell there story because now days reality Tv only shows people what they have achieved once they have worked hard and already has success.Fashion and Music always creates so  creativity. Check out AmilCar documentary video below and his new single  Running From Tomorrow” click photo to listen.


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Diddy steps it up with his Basel Shirt. I would have paired different shoes with this look but his jewlery made up for the shoes. What do you think of the look Icy or Spicy?

icy or spicy Diddy

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Five Scents You Should Love this Season!!!

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Are you still wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs from last Spring? Have you found your superchic “winter scent,” yet? WE HAVE!

As the seasons change so should your fragrances. In the winter, fragrances are harder to enjoy- –meaning you will need to wear scents with more BOOM, but do it tastefully! Bold scents are best when it’s cold outside. Scents like musk, dark spices, warm-tropical fruits sweet woods, vanilla and floral notes stands out, whereas, at the same time infuses the senses with a great impact. Winter scents should always be sensual, warm, sweet and earthy—the warmer the fragrance, the more intriguing.

Below, are my pro-picks of fashionable fragrances; tested and approved!!! Which one is your favorite winter scent?

CoCo Mademoiselle by Chanel


CoCo’s Mademoiselle is a warm-floral scent. It is infused with calming jasmine, rose petals and bergamont which is calmed on a woody-sweet background. Also, the sweet and intoxicating notes makes this fragrance long-lasting and sensually qualitative. A classic! I reccommend this scent to be paired with an evening ensemble. The woodsy-base of CoCo’s Mademoiselle is simple, elegant and timeless. This scent is perfect for the winter because it pierces the air with it’s warm and bold notes. Mere indulgence!!

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb is an explosion of florals. The evocative notes completely awakens the senses– -mesmerizing everyone that comes in contact with you. This fragrance is infused with sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, fressia bloom and a base of patchouli. All notes together brings forth a warm embrace. It leaves the impression of one who has class and that is full of life!! Flowerbomb this winter, should be paired with your chunky knits and sheer ensembles— feminine and romantic as the scent. Why is this scent perfect for winter? It’s perfect because it warms the air with heart notes of oriental florals!

Burberry by Burberry

Burberry is classified as classic floral, yet warm. It’s scent invigorates in the crisp winter air beautifully! This scent can be worn with warmest of cottons to the best of linen—a very universal scent. It posses a blend of amber, apricot, sandlewood, cedar and musk. One spray onto the skin brings forth heart notes of a sensual warmth; a favorite amongst all fashionistas!! Burberry is a winter favorite now and always will be because of it simple and classic intoxicating based woods. A winter love thing!

WOMANITY by Thierry Mugler

Womanity is truly a sophisticated scent. It has decadence blends of citrus and musks. Infused with top notes of fig—you will definitely appear edible due to the heart notes of cavier. Fish smells, never!! This subtle ans sexy scent is to die. It encompasses energy and tenderness which invokes a high spark of interest in wearing. To spray it is to love it! Any girl who wears this scent will ring the alarm of any gents’ senses when she enters the room—an instant match he’ll think. Womanity is an acquired but lovable scent. Top notes may run you away but the heart notes will bring you running back to indulge into it. An emotion revoker it is. I would wear this scent in the evening with the body wrapped in cashmere. The warm musky background of this fragrance makes it a winter staple.

Gucci by Gucci

Gucci is a lovable warm scent. Spray at first sight—you’re hooked!!! Opening your senses with a burst of fruit, then mellowing down with a hint of orange blossom and tahitian tiare at the center of the scent, you feel a warmth. It has an initial sweetness when it’s sprayed on the skin. The top notes are of spices, creamy rose, amber and patchouli. Gucci, when sprayed, seals the

air with pure exotics. The fragrance is best described as floral, fruity an bold. The heart notes are of beautiful flowers; very delicate. It suits the dark months of winter perfectly due to the enhancement of its notes combined. Gucci is suitable for any ensemble, occasion and time of day. If you’re a love of beauty, you will adore this scent. One sniff of this fragrance you wont forget it!


By, Latoya

Icy or Spicy Pharrell Williams in Red Biker Jacket & Chanel Boots

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Pharrell rocks Biker Jacket with white V-neckwith a captin hat ND SOME Icyyy Chanel boots while attending the Dior pop-up shop at Miami Design District in Miami, Florida yesterday.

ICY SPICY Pharrell

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Icy Or Spicy Rihanna Goes Blonde For ‘You Da One

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Ms  Rihanna keeps us at surprise she  found wardrobe inspiration from characters in 1971 Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange, who also rock tight, white T-shirts, suspenders, boulder caps, canes and iconic, thick lashes. Rihanna’s dagger nails, butt-cheek-exposing jean shorts and graphic tights are her own twist to the costume. Do you expect Rihanna to keep the brown and black curls for a long. What do you think of her look for the new video. Icy Or Spicy?

ICY OR SPICY rihanna

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Kimora Lee Simmons for Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia December

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Kimora Lee Simmons for Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia December 2011. Styling by Kenneth Goh.  It is nice to to see her back on the cover of magazines. I wonder what is next for Ms. Simmons?