Sony/Meg artist Que Williams is back"

There is a noticeable difference between today’s R&B and the music of the past. Once upon a time, great vocalists like Michael, Gerald, Luther and Keith had passion in their music. They had romance. The music made love. I ran across Sony/MEG artist Que Williams and I haven't looked back since. Bringing a new flavor to R & B, Que adds in neo-soul, trap and eclectic tunes to his music. ... READ MORE

Met ball 2017

It's known as the fashion world's Oscars, but it's a lot more than just a red carpet The Met Gala is more than just the fashion world's version of the Academy Awards. The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute brings together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and politics for one night of revelry. Take the world's biggest celebrities, dress them in couture and stick them ... READ MORE

London Mitchell Pop Up Shop

Hi everyone, lately I have been working on my new brand London Mitchell. It is a street wear brand that I started in college back in 201 but now I'm bring this line to life. It will be available for purchase on April 7th, 2017 in Baltimore MD at Pipe Dreamz boutique where they also sell amazing art. The dress code to this event is to come looking amazing ... READ MORE

The Midnight Breakfast event

 I think quite often, what happens in people's minds is that ambition creates an obtainable goal. Baltimore is a tough city with talented individuals and recently I was invited to a event called The  Midnight Breakfast by Chef Andrew Frett, he's known for creating  music, painting and now putting a spin on traditional eating. The event was invite only and was very intimate with all talented individuals that's going ... READ MORE

Blake Bell Interview

In 2016 athletes have became more interesting due to seeing there day to day life on social media. I recently had the chance to interview San Franciscoso 49ers Blake Bell. The football star talked about his life style an more. Check out the full interview below  1. How would you describe your style?I have a “look good, feel good” mentality, and your sense of style describes your personality to people. ... READ MORE

ICY OR SPICY Paula Patton on BET’s 106 & Park

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Paula Patton hit up BET’s 106 & Park and wore a gold mini dress from the Moschino Spring 2012 collection paired with a leather jacket and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.She is also on the cover of Bazaar



Acne Fall/Winter 2011 Colorful Pants

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Acne’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection is bursting with dark yet vibrant colors. The satin trousers have pockets on the front and back, and they stop slightly above the ankle. These pants are definitely a statement maker when paired with a coat, jacket, sneakers, or dress shoes. Acne’s gives us color and I love it because colorful pants for the spring is everything.

Via Uscale

Rome & Tale ” Conquer The World ” Fall/Winter Collection

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Rome & Tale is a luxury brand derived from the historical knowledge and beauty of the city of Rome. With Rome being a great and powerful city known for such a strong empire, Rome & Tale will resemble that greatness as a brand. The “Tale” comes from the knowledge and stories that we’re once told in the great city of Rome, and around the world reflecting on classic, unique & diverse fashion. This will give a historical background on every luxurious Rome & Tale product. The use of fur, came as an inspiration from the statement attires in Rome, to show ones status and achievement after a hunt has been abstracted, forming the premium wear that brings us back to nature, back through history. This brand is diverse & will continue to build the legacy and empire it was created for. We all know I love an icyyy luxury brand check out there photos of the collection and promo video and there site

Model Spotlight ‘Eldridge Henderson

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Eldridge Henderson a ford model has been taking the model world by storm. He recently did an intresing interview with It is always nice to see african american male models work and be smething huge in the industry.He was born and raised in San Francisco. Modeled as a kid with barbizon and just 2 years ago signed a major contract with Ford . During the  interview Eldridge quotes “Fashion makes me feel alive.. It’s my my weapon and expression by myself” I asked him if if he could give any encouraging words to guys who are trying to make it in the industry he responded “Be you to the fullest of your ability. Master your own nitch and style in the industry. Confidence is great but Confidence and being able to be humble is even greater . Many people of the world  think the fashion industry is racist when it comes to booking models of color. His thoughts were the industry has became better with booking models of color. but I think it’s more so because it’s needed to show people of color “we” or this “brand” wants to be worldwide and not focus on one race. I agree and we wish you all the more success in your career from check out the photos below

Vh1′s Divas Celebrate Soul Red Carpet Arrivals 2011: Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson & More

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VH1 taped “Divas Celebrates Soul” Sunday night.  Plenty of celebrities were in attendance to pay tribute. Mary J.Blidge, 50 Cent, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Lala Anthony and Chaka Khan were all there to help celebrate. Some of the celbrities that attended were icy and spicy. LaLa was best dressed LaLa rocked an black & white Houndstooth dress designed by 23 year old fashion designer Laquan Smith. Emily B should have saved that dress for New-Years. Ms. Hudson boots should have been a different color. Who do you guys think was spicy?


U. B Killing Em Kesh

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I was introduced about Kesh the creative stylist/model, fashion blogger, music editor and photographer. The women takes amazing photos and they all are icy. When you can take amazing photos while just being your self on a day to day basis that is what I call style  Her website features art and inspiration for the fashion world and artsy people. Check out her site

Lil Wayne Is Set to Launch Skateboard Clothing Line “Trukfit”

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Lil Wayne originally announced plans to launch his clothing line “Rebirth” this past July, but he’s already got plans to unveil another brand. The Young Money honcho plans to debut his new skateboard-inspired clothing brand “Trukfit” at the Agenda Trade Show, taking place in New York City, New york on January 23-24.. I will be attending this so I will keep all of you with details about the line. Everyones knows this line is gonna sell out just because it is lil waynes line but will the pieces be quailty?

Wayne has not spoken publicly about his line but has a short statement about the line on its website:

“Trukfit, the new clothing brand from Grammy Award winning, platinum selling hip hop icon LIL WAYNE, will debut at Agenda in January 2012. The highly anticipated line of uniquely designed apparel was inspired by Lil Wayne’s passion for skateboarding and quality street wear. Pulling influence from Lil Wayne’s distinctive style and voice, Trukfit is made from quality fabrics and features bold graphics at a moderate price point.”


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Many kids today takes inspiration from India, fusing regional craft and local silhouette with contemporary streetwear. It is nice to see street wear take a turn and brands actually making things that are on trend with high fashion as well.  The new trend has been seen all over the  streets. The icy kids have been  styling across the globe, the fusion of casual sportswear with amazing textiles well made clothing. I feel this will be a strong trend that will roll right into 2012 spring/summer. Street wear is becoming better then normally , it offers a more considered interpretation of last season’s Hyperculture trend.



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Angela Simmons must be making really good money off of pastry overseas. She is rocking the Vuitton Shearling thunder Bag which retails at 3,300. This bag is really old it is from the Fall 2007 collection.

ICY OR SPICY Anglea Simmons

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NEW YEAR, NEW COLOUR: Tangerine Tango

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Pantone, the industry colour specialist, has released the new ”IT” colour for 2012; a colour of great energy and embraced warmth, we welcome: Tangerine Tango.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

This energizing shade of orange has a lot to offer the industry. The new colour is already embracing it’s place in cosmetics offering a great deal of versatility and an exotic touch. Tangerine Tango is a magnetic hue and is flattering on the lips, whether it’s in a shiny or matte texture. On the eye, a pop of this colour will add a subtle yet complementary effect which also flatters blue and green eyes. Don’t be afraid to use this colour to the cheek bones, with a hint of added shimmer, this hue will add extra oomph; giving a wcolorfully versatilearmed bronzing effect.

*Ofcourse, you don’t have to take my word for it, but trust me—you’ll be glad if you did try these techniques!!!

With designer and consumer acceptance, orange has evolved tremendously. It has spoke volumes in women’s and men’s fashion over the last few years. Bringing things to the present, fashion designers in 2012 are incorporating Tangerine Tango into their Spring/Summer collections. Runways all over are becoming more and more colorfully versatile.

“I feel this color will give a great impact to any ensemble or makeup technique! It’s fun, sexy, subtle and invigorating.” Adding this color to your wardrobe would be incredible in the new year. Photographed, written about or worn magazine spreads will be adored and raved by true color fashionistas.

Pretty orange pouts, provocative tangerine cheeks and citrus nails will only add intensity to the warm months to come, but the color stamps of Tangerine Tango will set off a timeless gesture amongst designers’ Spring/Summer collections—thanks to them our warm months in the new year should be personably fun!!!

Will you try the New Colour in the New Year? Try it, you’ll only have fun!!!!!!!

By, Latoya