Nicki Minaj X Paper Magazine

In 2014, Kim Kardashian solemnly vowed to “Break The Internet” with her racy Paper Magazine cover, a cataclysmic event that sent the stock market plummeting and thoughtlessly left millions of travelers stranded. Having apparently learned nothing, Paper is now out to “Break The Internet” this time with a new issue featuring Nicki Minaj doing similarly risqué, router-disrupting things. Let us now acknowledge its existence, together. Let us note that the ... READ MORE

The 2 How To’s on HOW TO Maintain a Successful Business, Family and Relationships

As women, we pride ourselves in being the queen of Balance. We do a little shopping, a little business, a little love making, a little cooking, and a little us time. What is becoming a sore popularity is how many businesswomen find themselves wanting to pursue balance yet not having fulfilled roles to do so. What do I mean? In 2012 over 80,000 professional women where quoted as “single”. Let ... READ MORE

London Mitchell Fall/Winter Collecton

The London Mitchell Collection: All eyes were on Antwain Mitchell the creator of AFB and Jasmine Heath as the two fashion entrepreneurs released their highly anticipated collection. In a venue called Pipe Dreamz it was full of fascinated spectators, the Baltimore based duo added an edgy twist to urban contemporary style. Keeping it modern, the ready to wear collection consist of classic and neutral hues. Green, Black, Grey and off ... READ MORE

Sony/Meg artist Que Williams is back"

There is a noticeable difference between today’s R&B and the music of the past. Once upon a time, great vocalists like Michael, Gerald, Luther and Keith had passion in their music. They had romance. The music made love. I ran across Sony/MEG artist Que Williams and I haven't looked back since. Bringing a new flavor to R & B, Que adds in neo-soul, trap and eclectic tunes to his music. ... READ MORE

Met ball 2017

It's known as the fashion world's Oscars, but it's a lot more than just a red carpet The Met Gala is more than just the fashion world's version of the Academy Awards. The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute brings together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and politics for one night of revelry. Take the world's biggest celebrities, dress them in couture and stick them ... READ MORE




Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-1

PUMA and Pink Dolphin reveal its latest campaign images featuring Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty for its upcoming capsule collection. The collection features summer apparel and footwear inspired by the deep sea, featuring a soft pink, aqua and shades of blue colourways across the jerseys, tees, shorts and the classic PUMA suede sneakers. The collection will drop online at from the 27th of May.

Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-2Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-5Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-4Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-3Lil Yachty Stars PUMA x Pink Dolphin-6

Kenzo X H&M

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The H&M collaborations have been one of the most exciting buys every year. From Alexander Wang to Balmain, 2016 sees Kenzo take on the challenge to produce their very own high street collection.  The announcement for KENZO as the next designer collaboration was posted yesterday and we at PAUSE did not expect this. We look forward to seeing how the vibrant and playful Parisian brand KENZO injects its energetic and unique vibe into the H&M garments. The KENZO and H&M collaboration will feature collections for women and men as well as accessories and will be available in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online, from November the 3rd 2016.

QUI Piece X ICY Styles

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Another Fashion Book recently launched the new segment called Icystyles. Icy styles is when we pick a boutique in a city and we bring a model with a team & style our favorite pieces. The boutique we choose was Qui Piece located on Charles street. When we first walked in we were greeted with warm arms & a glass of wine. Icy Twan the owner of styled the shoot with the help of Photographer Gruvey Drew & Owner of QUI  Laquita Carrington. The name of the shoot is called Sensual Nights! We  were vibing to Beyonce Lemonade all the way to Prince, When Doves Cry. Check out to order for your amazing events and tell them I sent you!








Best Dressed Athletes Right Now

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Anna-Wintour-Russell-WestbrookSocial media has changed the way how you view athletes. There style is what makes the blogs. People wanna know what they are wearing when arriving to there games. The athletes have stylist on deck or use there personal sense of style for there day to day lifestyle. One NBA player that gets the world talking about his style is the one & only Russell Westbrook. He takes risks and doesn’t care about what others think when wearing the ensembles. Secondly, Amare Stoudemire keeps a classic preppy look that makes you wonder what next on his agenda. Dwayne Wade stylist Rachel runs his wardrobe an will switch his style to keep him on all trends! Odell Beckham has a mean shoe game & his style is average. Chad Johnson is one of my favorites he keeps the latest street-wear & high-fashion.











How hats can make or break an enemble

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jbalvinIn 2016 hats have really made a huge come back. Decades we have watched our grandfathers, cowboys and may others have there signitaures that becomes a staple of there brand. Pharrell Williams was the start of out generation wearing them again, then there was the rapper Future that followed behind. When making your choice of buying a hat you have to find the correct choice that fits your head. In select cities  they have amazing hat shops that can find you the perfect hat for your whole wardrobe. Stylist Harrison has amazing online site that I would recommend.

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Brands to watch: NUDXTY

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Hi Fashion Killers I would like to introduce you to a new brand called Nudity. There based out of Baltimore, MD. The concept of there brand centers the freedom of expression. There consumers have the right to show how they exspress them selves threw there clothing. There are many hot brands out there but this one really caught my eye. Mattie Mahtisyn the creator really has a deep vision. I could really see the likes of Kid Cudi, A$AP rocky wearing this brand. Check out there site to purchase at

How to rock all white spring/summer 

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Although the old no-white-before-Memorial-Day adage is obviously passé, there is something super fresh about ditching dark colors and embracing fairer hues when summer rolls around. In fact, it’s one of our favorite trends this season, and it’s a major hit among the celebrity crowd, too. This summer the all white parties will be in affect and you wanna make sure you whites match because there are different shades of white an you don’t wanna make that mistake with in your ensembles below are different looks you can be inspired by. 

Keepers Vintage

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We have a wonderful treasure chest of unique Vintage Designer Clothing that are scattered around the universe. Most of our Vintage Fashion is UNworn and One-Of-A-Kind designer samples, Vintage Designer Clothing that stands for the Modernist ideal where fashion and art come together to define the Modern Woman. This marriage of form and function sets the standard for the liberal and independent Woman of Today. I recently had he chance to work with a vintage boutique owner by Erica located in Baltimore, MD called Keepers Vintage. When entering the store we were amazed by how  unique the clothes were. In todays society wearing  high fashion & streetwear with vintage is a normal thing due to the recession an how the economy has changed over the years.  When on my journey I imagined dancing at a Coachella music festival with the coolest accessories for my ensemble while holding a big glass of wine. The smell of the exclusive candles set the tone of the store. It reminds you of Erykah Badu with a Givenchy twist. When we left the boutique it dawned on us that we should get a beautiful model & do a shoot a week later. Photographer Gruvey Drew accompanied me and we made a master piece with a video & new editorials. The new segment icy styles is something you will see threw out summer that will show you my styling abilities.  







Brian Furr X Icy Twan interview

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  In the world of design there are many people behind the scenes that are making it happen in 2016. I would like to introduce you to Guitar Deisgner Brian Furr. I had the chance to sit down in an exclusive interview with him in his studio located in Baltimore MD.  we talked about how it is when you have a dream and trying to fufill it. Mr. Furr grew up in NYC and begun to play the guitar. When following a dream we all have failers, he went out to apply for a place that sell guitars an was the the best canidate but the universe had something greater out there for him. Brian creations go all the way up to $20,000 and is actually working with kids in Baltimore city that are passionate into music. If your looking to get one of his guitars please go to and click 


Icytwan X King Saladeen interview

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  The Art world has changed over the years, many people around the world are more interested in pieces since it has became trendy. I had the chace to meet with Raheem known as King Saladeen from Philadelphia. When he first started he painted on people shirts around the city  to make money. All of you might remember a brand called Mskeeno that was very popular back in the day. Mr Saladeen worked with them and years later he took his last 600 dollars and flew to Maimi Art Basel to follow his dreams. Art Basel is the Simalar to fashion week but all the great painters show there amazing collections. Today King Saladeen is painting on hotels, private jets, cars, lofts and many things around the country. Check out the interview On he new Another Fashion Book you tube page