2 chains X Versace Sneaker

Just a few weeks ago, rapper 2 Chainz teased a photo of an unreleased pair of Versace sneakers on his Instagram page. Previewing a chain link outsole of the mysterious pair, the Atlanta native provided very little information on the sneakers—leaving many to speculate that a 2 Chainz and Versace collab was possibly in the works. Now, after weeks of rumors, 2 Chainz and Donatella Versace finally confirm the ... READ MORE

La La, Fabolous, Christian & Justin Combs Sit Front Row for Draya Michele's Mint Swim at New York Fashion Week

On night two of Style Fashion Week, New York, La La, Fabolous, Christian & Justin Combs and others sat front row for celebrity designer Draya Michele's Mint Swim collection. Mint Swim was the finale showcase for a two-day series, presented by Style Fashion Week at Cipriani 42nd Street.  Others in attendance included Blackbear, Masika Kalysha, Briana Wilson, Breah Hicks, Kailand & Mandla Morris and ... READ MORE

The Midnight Breakfast event

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 I think quite often, what happens in people’s minds is that ambition creates an obtainable goal. Baltimore is a tough city with talented individuals and recently I was invited to a event called The  Midnight Breakfast by Chef Andrew Frett, he’s known for creating  music, painting and now putting a spin on traditional eating. The event was invite only and was very intimate with all talented individuals that’s going somewhere in life an also could help one another achieve one another goals if one need assistance. Mid night breakfast was just the theme for this event he usally does dinner and even great barbecues in the summer, on the menu was kale salad with shrimp & homemade pancakes with some home fries that tasted like sweet potatoes. It all sounds like a weird combo but reminded be of cusine in soho NYC that’s expensive and all the top celebs are currently breaking there neck to make reservations. We all know creatives are always well dressed so I captured a few style photos as we all vibed to new Baltimore music artist Go Trag. If your looking for a new chef to make some new food because your tired of the same old traditional foods I suggest you to hunt for Mr. Frett.

Blake Bell Interview

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In 2016 athletes have became more interesting due to seeing there day to day life on social media. I recently had the chance to interview San Franciscoso 49ers Blake Bell. The football star talked about his life style an more. Check out the full interview below 

1. How would you describe your style?I have a “look good, feel good” mentality, and your sense of style describes your personality to people. I’m pretty laid back, so I usually wear casual button down with a nice pair of blue jeans.


2. How did growing up in the Midwest influence your current style?

I think it influenced me because of the style I saw my family wear. Had uncles that wore jeans and boots and had family members wear a jacket and pants. So I got to see many different looks by everyone


3. Do you ever keep up with current fashion from TV shows or magazines?

I don’t look at many magazines but you definitely see all the new styles by watching most of these TV shows now days. Whether it’s some type of reality TV show or just a series.


4. What are your favorite designers?

I like to walk around the mall and just look for things that catch my attention. The most frequent stores I go to Nordstrom, lulu lemon and Nike. 


5. What’s your typical outfit on game day when you walk in/out of the locker room?

Most times going to a game I’ll just have jeans on with a button down shirt. Occasionally I will wear a suit or even a sport coat over my shirt and jeans.


I INEFFABLE Fall/Winter ’16 Lookbook

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INEFFABLE is owned and designed by 17 year old Zack Fryer. He started the brand when he was just in 8th grade. Now, he is out of high school and is working on INEFFABLE full-time. The brand started with a 12-shirt run of a single design and since then has grown to release bi-annual collections consisting of everything from graphic tees to jeans and complex outerwear. The brand has been worn by celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Jazz Cartier, Yung Gleesh and Joey Bada$$. Zack even gave a jacket to Kanye West in February of 2014, which resulted in him being called “The Future Of Fashion” by MTV Germany. Check out his collection at http://ineffableco.com/

5th Annual 1914 Affair 

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Baltimore native, artist and curator Cheyanne Givens created an event called 1914 affair where artist can express there talents, network and wear there best clothing that represent them. Last night I was able to attend the event and it felt like Afro punk after dark. When arriving we were greeted with a live band that were playing all the classics, then taking photos with the pixilated machine. During the 4 hour festivities there was live performances from known artist around the city with a band playing there hits. The crowd was very energetic and waiting patiently to see who was best dressed male & Female. Strangers With Style presented the recipients of the 1914 Affair’s annual male, female, and couple “Best Dressed” awards. Music artist Mike star won best male while wearing a fur and cool glasses. 

The city of Baltimore need more positive energy and events like this. It gathered all creatives all in one room. Lastly there was a live rap cypher simarliar to the BET hip hop awards that took place. When guest we’re hungry they were different apeitizers walked around by beautiful models then meat balls and vegetables & wine was served. I look forward to the 6th annaual 1914 affair next year because it’s full of black excellence. 

Teyana Taylor X Paper Magazine 

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Teyana Taylor was featured in Kanye west new video & the world shook. Patience is virtue because she has been signed to good music for quite some time and things are finally going smooth for her career. The way her body looks has been giving women around the world more inspiration to work out and get up and get it. Check out her Paper Magazine shoot below

AFB Fashionisto of the week Chidi Ezemma

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AFB introduced the new segment where we showcase fashionable men around the country. Today we have Chidi Ezemma, a fashionable fit guy from the heart of NYC where style never sleeps. Mr. Ezemma is 25 works out tremendously and plays football and run track. He quoted to us “the first thing people see when they see you is your attire. Therefore if you want to be treated as a gentleman look and carry yourself as one”. – being in a suit is more comfortable then sweats to me. It’s great to seee more men taking there looks and wardrobe serious these days. Thank you for submitting. 

Blake Hyland SS17

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Austrillian Designer  Blacke Hyland made his dubut at NYFW at the Highland Loft. The collection is filled with symmetrical and diverse models. Mr Hykand was inspired by exploring the balance of the black & white colors and calling it equality. Check out the statement pieces below. 

Offset wears gosharubchinskiy

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A new generation of streetwear emerges in the alternate universe of Gosha Rubchinskiy, who founded his eponymous brand in 2008. The Russian designer’s skate culture-inspired men’s ready-to-wear line recalls 1980s hip-hop and Soviet-era street style while establishing its own powerfully contemporary aesthetic. Classic crewneck t-shirts and sweatshirts come emblazoned with logo prints in Cyrillic and Mandarin, and logos combining the flags of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China contribute a tongue-in-cheek nod to the two nations’ political tensions.
Artist: @offsetyrn 1/3 of @migos

Designer: @gosharubchinskiy

Stylist: @Rik_akil 

Look Book Series for @maniere_usa

VMAS 2016

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The VMAS 2016 was full of creativity. Rihanna kicked off the awards wearing all pink hood by air. Celebs on the red carpet took us by storm. Beyoncé showed up with her daughter and our hearts melted. They look like angels falling threw the sky.

Beyoncé, who confirmed at the last minute that she’s performing, chose a look from Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2016 couture collection covered in sequins and featuring feather wings. She brought along daughter Blue Ivy, wearing a shiny top and massive tutu skirt with pink sneakers and hair extensions, as her date, and both looked like fairies from a far-off fashionable land. 

Kim Kardashian just couldn’t decide what to wear, so she asked her Twitter followers to help. She asked 47.6 million fans whether she should go with a “casual chill look” or a “dressy sexy look,” and 52 percent voted for the latter. With that, the reality star selected a cotton minidress with ruching detail in the front and one shoulder purposefully pulled down. She wore lace-up heels and styled her hair in a fresh-out-of-the-shower kind of way. 

AFB Fashionisto of the week

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All fashion killers we just added a new segment to Another Fashion Book were we showcase fashionable people from around the world every week! I would like to introduce you our second guy Dominick Lane. Mr.lane quotes Hi, I’m Dominick Lane and this year I decided to embark on a journey towards pursuing my dreams and aspirations. I’m 24 yrs old and I grew up In Baltimore Maryland (West Side) To be specific lol. And to get straight to the point I want people see that greatness comes from all over the world and that where your from doesn’t define where you’ll end up or what your destined to become. I want to show the world that coming from poverty can provide beauty and humility as well as many other great things. And growing up I’ve always known the great things Ive wanted to accomplish and where I wanted those accomplishments to take me but… Me being human I’m such a huge procrastinator at times and I’m working on that so (Djm)!!! 

But… one day I told myself:
“Show The World Who Dominick D Lane Is”
My ultimate goal In life since then has been… To become the face of one of the worlds biggest modeling agencies known to man or woman lol. And once I succeed In that goal I assure you I do not intend to stop there. 
My family/friends all know how modeling Is my passion so… please do not pull out a camera around me for a selfie cause I will turn It into a full blown photoshoot!!! 
But on serious note I really wish to redefine a male model, I want to create my own Lane and call It the Dominick Lane… I don’t want just a chiseled body, serious face, and walk on runways. I wanna reach heights In the industry that has yet to be discovered. I want to create those heights I also want to create and energize or even re-energize fashion. And I believe that someday I will.
You hear/see people constantly bragging about who and what they’re wearing And me personally I think…. Are you wearing Brands or are all those brands wearing you??? When the world Is watching you are they watching your smile, Your demeanor, your personality through you fashion or are they just looking at your designer clothing. I like to think that style and fashion Is something that’s expressed through anything you wear… I always say…

“It’s not about who your wearing, It’s about your attitude In what your wearing no matter what the brand Is”