Sony/Meg artist Que Williams is back"

There is a noticeable difference between today’s R&B and the music of the past. Once upon a time, great vocalists like Michael, Gerald, Luther and Keith had passion in their music. They had romance. The music made love. I ran across Sony/MEG artist Que Williams and I haven't looked back since. Bringing a new flavor to R & B, Que adds in neo-soul, trap and eclectic tunes to his music. ... READ MORE

Met ball 2017

It's known as the fashion world's Oscars, but it's a lot more than just a red carpet The Met Gala is more than just the fashion world's version of the Academy Awards. The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute brings together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and politics for one night of revelry. Take the world's biggest celebrities, dress them in couture and stick them ... READ MORE

London Mitchell Pop Up Shop

Hi everyone, lately I have been working on my new brand London Mitchell. It is a street wear brand that I started in college back in 201 but now I'm bring this line to life. It will be available for purchase on April 7th, 2017 in Baltimore MD at Pipe Dreamz boutique where they also sell amazing art. The dress code to this event is to come looking amazing ... READ MORE

The Midnight Breakfast event

 I think quite often, what happens in people's minds is that ambition creates an obtainable goal. Baltimore is a tough city with talented individuals and recently I was invited to a event called The  Midnight Breakfast by Chef Andrew Frett, he's known for creating  music, painting and now putting a spin on traditional eating. The event was invite only and was very intimate with all talented individuals that's going ... READ MORE

Blake Bell Interview

In 2016 athletes have became more interesting due to seeing there day to day life on social media. I recently had the chance to interview San Franciscoso 49ers Blake Bell. The football star talked about his life style an more. Check out the full interview below  1. How would you describe your style?I have a “look good, feel good” mentality, and your sense of style describes your personality to people. ... READ MORE


Designer Spotlight Ying Edge

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The world never talks about upcoming designers until Anna Wintour discovers them. I present to you  Bishme Cromartie. When following your dreams you have to start somehwre. Bishme started sewing at a young age with and his aunt. Many designers  start by basics and thats what he decided to put his sewing needles to work. After a few more years of practice, Bishme came up with the name for his clothing line: YING EDGE. Bishme wanted his clothes to appeal to all ages not just his peers.  He began his line with tee-shirts and hoodies. He knew that this would be an easy and quick way to get his clothes and label noticed by the public. As Bishme has grown and evolved, so has his style as a designer.  He wanted to showcase his true talent by designing and making garments from scratch. Today his work has been featured in Elle Vietnam and Vogue Italia’s website. Congrats, this man is from Baltimore and many dont make it out to pursue there dreams. Dreams do come true and I wish him much success in his career.

Rihanna’s Stylist Spotlight Mel Ottenberg

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Mel Ottenberg has worked with most of the known magazines on your new stands. He also has a huge list of celebrities including Rihanna. Mr. Ottenberg  has been styling Rihanna for her  LOUD tour and the new single we found love video.In the video she is being styled  in an American sexy look with a punk rock twist.  did an interview with him back in january and this guy knows his stuff. Most of the campaigns we see in magazines and editorials Mel has done them. Below is an video of Rihanna during behind the scenes of her new video we found love. Mel was laughing about her Doc Martin Boots being dirty.

Icy or Spicy Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys NYC premiere of “Mountaintop

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Brand Spotlight Cool They Vibing

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I present to you the brand Cool They Vibing By Ryheem Thomas.He touches on life with a word that senses cleverness.The vibing brand provides an apparel with color,intelligence and allot of creativity.They decided to put that into fashion cause alot of people in street wear can relate to music art and fashion. people would relate with the word,style & creativity that cool they vibing brings This street brand can be purchased


Fred Perry 2011 Fall/Winter Origami Blank Canvas Collection

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Fred Perry’s Fall/Winter 2011 line is inspired by Japanese Artist. Every man should have one of his shirts in there closet because they are have so much quality. This collection was injected with ample amounts of Japanese art.The patterns are based on traditional Japanese motifs including fans and cherry blossoms as well as a fan-favorite polka dot pattern. Available through Fred Perry.



Nicki Minaj for W Magazine November 2011

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The 15th century was there inspiration for this shoot. Nicki Minaj needs a stylist no matter what century she poses for. I love her allot . The cover is very beautiful Couture



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We all know that every man in the world that loves fashion will be lined up to get at least one pieces from this collection.Versace for H&M is launching on November 17th. The small preview here of what you can expect from these two fashion giants. A black jacket with multi-patterned sleeves and a hot pink suit both encapsulating the exuberance of Versace, if this is just the tip of the ice burg, we can’t wait to see the rest of the collection. There is more to this  collection and I will keep you updated everyone


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Missoni Converses is pretty cool, the patterns are very different . I see that this brand is really trying to get people familiar with there high fashion garment by doing collaborations with more cheaper brands. Target just had the Missoni collaboration as well. What are your thoughts people are they icy or spicy? High tops is not for everyone it would have been dope to low cut with this pattern.

Kanye West in Givenchy Tartan Plaid Shirt

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Kanye wears nothing but the best, but now days he is just doesn’t care what he wears because he has made statements and the world already know what he is capable of doing when putting on clothing. The Givenchy plaid shirt is retailing for $335. Mr. West has a fetish for Balmain as well. I think anybody who could afford Balmain would be obsessed to. He went to support the Wall Street protest so his clothing was correct for that day and this is why I stamped it icyyy. Below is a video of Kanye and Russell Simmons talking about the protest.


Model Spotlight Nelson Nieves

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Nelson Nieves is on the come up in the model world. The new face is a mystery. Many people know his face but not his name. It is always good to see new faces in the fashion industry. I didn’t take notice to Nelson until I seen him in some of the runway shows. He is signed to red model management. I hope to see more on this model because we need different looks on the runway.