Nicki Minaj X Paper Magazine

In 2014, Kim Kardashian solemnly vowed to “Break The Internet” with her racy Paper Magazine cover, a cataclysmic event that sent the stock market plummeting and thoughtlessly left millions of travelers stranded. Having apparently learned nothing, Paper is now out to “Break The Internet” this time with a new issue featuring Nicki Minaj doing similarly risqué, router-disrupting things. Let us now acknowledge its existence, together. Let us note that the ... READ MORE

The 2 How To’s on HOW TO Maintain a Successful Business, Family and Relationships

As women, we pride ourselves in being the queen of Balance. We do a little shopping, a little business, a little love making, a little cooking, and a little us time. What is becoming a sore popularity is how many businesswomen find themselves wanting to pursue balance yet not having fulfilled roles to do so. What do I mean? In 2012 over 80,000 professional women where quoted as “single”. Let ... READ MORE

London Mitchell Fall/Winter Collecton

The London Mitchell Collection: All eyes were on Antwain Mitchell the creator of AFB and Jasmine Heath as the two fashion entrepreneurs released their highly anticipated collection. In a venue called Pipe Dreamz it was full of fascinated spectators, the Baltimore based duo added an edgy twist to urban contemporary style. Keeping it modern, the ready to wear collection consist of classic and neutral hues. Green, Black, Grey and off ... READ MORE

Sony/Meg artist Que Williams is back"

There is a noticeable difference between today’s R&B and the music of the past. Once upon a time, great vocalists like Michael, Gerald, Luther and Keith had passion in their music. They had romance. The music made love. I ran across Sony/MEG artist Que Williams and I haven't looked back since. Bringing a new flavor to R & B, Que adds in neo-soul, trap and eclectic tunes to his music. ... READ MORE

Met ball 2017

It's known as the fashion world's Oscars, but it's a lot more than just a red carpet The Met Gala is more than just the fashion world's version of the Academy Awards. The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute brings together the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and politics for one night of revelry. Take the world's biggest celebrities, dress them in couture and stick them ... READ MORE


Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin MAC VivaGlam

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Nicki Minaj partnered with MAC Cosmetics for the limited release of ‘Pink Friday’ lipstick, she has signed on to be the spokeperson for MAC  VivaGlam 2012 Campaign. This is an very great look for her. I bet everything will be sold out in seconds. The new lipsticks, titled VivaGlam Nicki and VivaGlam Ricky, will go on sale in February with proceeds going towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Nicki seems like a good fit considering Pink Friday sold out but Ricky Martin being the face of a lipstick is so spicyyy. When seeing Ricky Martin in the AD’s I was shocked but it dawned on me  Livin’ La Vida Loca was a huge single. 

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection has been stolen in transit to Paris!

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Devastating. Immortal. Surreal. There is sad news today in fashion—samples of the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 collection has been stolen in transit to Paris.

Photographers, fashion editors (including me), fashion bloggers and style gurus have been wanting to get their hands on the samples of the demanded collection. EVERYONE has been frantic over who would be getting the best shots of the collection, but due to the mishap of theft the show, as of yet, will not be happening.

To all in fashion the email stated:

“Dear all, : the email drastically started to inform.” “The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day (today, Paris time) in the Marc Jacobs’ store, is cancelled due to the theft of the entire collection, in transfer to Paris. Sad, but TRUE! The collection consisted of 46 looks.

Hence the fact, that the collection samples haven’t even been through distribution—it will be very hard to black market any of the pieces of the of the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012. This event has left the staff of Marc Jacobs rendered speechless. Message to the theft: beware of angry fashion editors everywhere!!

By, Latoya


Posted on by Icy Twan in LATEST | Comments Off on TOKYO FASHION WEEK SPRING 2012 covers all over the world when it comes to fashion. Tokyo Fashion week just kicked off with designers SomartaAraisaraPhenomenonMotonari Ono and Keita Maruyama. These designers have an creative edge that other fashion weeks just dont have. I love to see designers think outside of the box when it comes to a new collection because it should represent something new and fresh for the next season unlike some fashion shows. When looking at these garments you could clearly see the vision that each designer had with there rich Japanese heritage and strong classic sense. There inspirations shows a very beautiful future in fashion.

pic source:


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MCM has stepped it up by collaborating with  Phenomenon for there Fall/Winter Collection. Most Garments in there collection are very unique, each piece can be taking serious when trying to make a fashion statement. I wonder does Taz Arnold has his hands on any of the pieces.The  MCM Trench coat gives me life! Biker jackets are really huge this season. The black fur on this coat just make this jacket more icyyy. If I was to style any one it would be miguel in the trench jacket. Would you rock these jackets?

Cassie Gets Icy for Idol Magazine

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Cassie could be a runway model if she was a little bit taller. Most of her magazine shoots are amazing but the shave sides will be played out by next year and she will have to think of something better to get out attention. In this shoot she is stunning. The  variety of black embellished dresses, leather jackets, red furs are nice but I  ready to start seeing stuff in shoots that pop our eye out our heads. What are your thoughts about the shoot?

Tamara Mellon Exits Jimmy Choo

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As it states—Tamara Mellon, head of Jimmy Choo, poises to quit the luxury shoe brand she founded 15 years ago—following a takeover and integration by Labelux. The shocking departure is also accompanied by current chief executive, Joshua Schulman, which was quoted by banking resources. The pair no longer has any financial interest in the group.

Reinhard Mieck, chief executive of Labelux, said: “Jimmy Choo is an outstanding brand with enormous growth potential and the ability to deliver material growth synergies across our group. With a successful transition behind them, we respect their wishes to move on to other challanges.”

As understood, the exit will end her relationship with the brand that she set up with Mr.Choo.

Working as Accessories Director for British Vogue magazine in the early 1990s, Mellon met Choo who was then a bespoke hand-made shoemaker.

Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 with the financial assistance (a loan) of Mellon’s father, Tommy Yeardye—who co-founded the Vidal Sasson hair products empire. Tamara secured funding from her father for creation of her business. Recognizing the potential for development of high-end designer accessories, Mellon approached Choo with the business proposition of launching a ready-to-wear shoe company. A decision was made— a colab made in heaven!

Since then, Jimmy Choo has grown in becoming an international luxury brand. To name drop, Pop-Star Beyonce Knowles is a lover of the shoes!

The 15 year investment generated Tamara Mellon a multi-million dollar fortune. She’s also considered one of Britain’s richest women.

There is expected to be a replacement for Schulman by next year….whereas he had a good run at Jimmy Choo

By, Latoya 

ICY OR SPICY Rihanna in London

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Rihanna was spotted leaving Nozomi in London, England tonight (November 12), while out in London continuing on her LOUD Tour.The American flag sure is a trend this season. I love how they are styling her lately more normal but still fashionable. Is her look icy or spicy?


icy or spicy rihanna

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These are my icy photos of the day. It is rarely you see a fashion site show well dressed men. The gentlemen below is #ICYTWANAPPROVED

Raquel Zimmermann by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia November 201

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Vogue Italia November issue sure is hot!! The cover and editorial sure brings allot attention to it and you know why it is because she is wearing the glasses from the designer Stevi boy. The glasses are retailing  for $100 dollars.If you interested in purchasing  the glasses go to!page-1 Stevin Mesel shot the photos he does wonderful things when it comes to fashion.If more people dressed like this on a train It would be nice 🙂 Check out the rest of the editorial below.

Winter is here Do you have the best boots on your Christmas List?

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Do you know what boots are hot for the season. This weekeend I was shopping around and thought to give my viewers some thoughts about some icyyy boots to wear for the cold winter. These are the Ronnie Fieg Red Wing Boots. The gray would really go great with a brown or black coat and the red could be when your wearing very great colors like yellow. If your intrested in buying them go to



Ladies I could never forget about you!! Check out these John Galliano hiking boots. They are amazing. I love a women in a fashionable boot in the winter time.. They are located at Saks and kind of pricy but it takes money to look good 🙂