2 chains X Versace Sneaker

Just a few weeks ago, rapper 2 Chainz teased a photo of an unreleased pair of Versace sneakers on his Instagram page. Previewing a chain link outsole of the mysterious pair, the Atlanta native provided very little information on the sneakers—leaving many to speculate that a 2 Chainz and Versace collab was possibly in the works. Now, after weeks of rumors, 2 Chainz and Donatella Versace finally confirm the existence of their collaborative sneaker.

Debuting over the weekend at Versace’s Milan Men’s Fashion Show, the sneakers were the talk of this year’s show. Worn by several models on Versace’s runway, the sneakers were introduced in a slew of eye-catching colorways and graphic patterns. Decked out with a chunky chain link outsole, the sneakers feature multiple Versace branding logos along with the “Chain Reaction” tag on the tongue and insole.

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