VMAS 2016

The VMAS 2016 was full of creativity. Rihanna kicked off the awards wearing all pink hood by air. Celebs on the red carpet took us by storm. Beyoncé showed up with her daughter and our hearts melted. They look like angels falling threw the sky.

Beyoncé, who confirmed at the last minute that she’s performing, chose a look from Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2016 couture collection covered in sequins and featuring feather wings. She brought along daughter Blue Ivy, wearing a shiny top and massive tutu skirt with pink sneakers and hair extensions, as her date, and both looked like fairies from a far-off fashionable land. 

Kim Kardashian just couldn’t decide what to wear, so she asked her Twitter followers to help. She asked 47.6 million fans whether she should go with a “casual chill look” or a “dressy sexy look,” and 52 percent voted for the latter. With that, the reality star selected a cotton minidress with ruching detail in the front and one shoulder purposefully pulled down. She wore lace-up heels and styled her hair in a fresh-out-of-the-shower kind of way. 

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