How social media ruined sneaker releases



The generations of today, we have social media where it makes it more cool to show we have the newest pair of sneakers from the releases. The retailers cant control what companies send out such as Nike & Addias. In many cases each store get 60 pair each release and do ticketing where if you get picked they will call you but in most cases there cheating an holding for friends & family or people who resell them for instagram & ebay. In the 90’s there were enough to go around for everyone, if you could afford them you had them. These days its all who you know and many wanna feel exclusive due to the feeling that it is  hard to get. In my opinion allot of the retro Jordan’s don’t look the same far as quality material that were used when he actually was playing. My question to you is Do you think social media changed the way of shopping for shoes?


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