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All fashion killers we just added a new segment to Another Fashion Book were we showcase fashionable people from around the world every week! I would like to introduce you our second guy Dominick Lane. Mr.lane quotes Hi, I’m Dominick Lane and this year I decided to embark on a journey towards pursuing my dreams and aspirations. I’m 24 yrs old and I grew up In Baltimore Maryland (West Side) To be specific lol. And to get straight to the point I want people see that greatness comes from all over the world and that where your from doesn’t define where you’ll end up or what your destined to become. I want to show the world that coming from poverty can provide beauty and humility as well as many other great things. And growing up I’ve always known the great things Ive wanted to accomplish and where I wanted those accomplishments to take me but… Me being human I’m such a huge procrastinator at times and I’m working on that so (Djm)!!! 

But… one day I told myself:
“Show The World Who Dominick D Lane Is”
My ultimate goal In life since then has been… To become the face of one of the worlds biggest modeling agencies known to man or woman lol. And once I succeed In that goal I assure you I do not intend to stop there. 
My family/friends all know how modeling Is my passion so… please do not pull out a camera around me for a selfie cause I will turn It into a full blown photoshoot!!! 
But on serious note I really wish to redefine a male model, I want to create my own Lane and call It the Dominick Lane… I don’t want just a chiseled body, serious face, and walk on runways. I wanna reach heights In the industry that has yet to be discovered. I want to create those heights I also want to create and energize or even re-energize fashion. And I believe that someday I will.
You hear/see people constantly bragging about who and what they’re wearing And me personally I think…. Are you wearing Brands or are all those brands wearing you??? When the world Is watching you are they watching your smile, Your demeanor, your personality through you fashion or are they just looking at your designer clothing. I like to think that style and fashion Is something that’s expressed through anything you wear… I always say…

“It’s not about who your wearing, It’s about your attitude In what your wearing no matter what the brand Is” 

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