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beThese men wear their beards proudly and with no apologies“

In this day and age, a mans beard is more than just facial hair; it’s an accessory turned lifestyle craze.The people of Philadelphia are proud and have a very distinguished character, and one of the most prominent looks amongst many men in Philadelphia is the beard. The beard for many represents respect, masculinity, and wisdom, as well as it can reflect someone’s spirituality and religion. Here in Philadelphia, men wearing beards encompass all of those traits and it has begun to spread into other facets of men’s lifestyle. Many people who visit Philadelphia take notice to the large number of men with beards and it can be argued that Philadelphia has helped to foster the trend of men with beards in fashion. To discuss the impact of the beard on men’s style, We have gathered a collection of gentlemen ranging from poets, musicians, designers, and artists to help breakdown this phenomenon. We call themThe Bearded Bunch.

The Bearded Bunch captures an eclectic group of individuals with varying style, tastes, and backgrounds, the unifying factor being their beards and Philadelphia. Long, short, scruffy, or trimmed, whichever style they choose, these men wear their beards proudly and with no apologies. We have gathered these fashion forward entrepreneurs, socialites, and tastemakers to discuss the beard making its resurgence into mainstream culture and how it has changed the grooming habits of men all around.

You can check out “The Bearded Bunch” video and visuals below. Also visit Philly 360 for more on “The Beard Bunch” and to stay in the loop of what Philadelphia has to offer.

Photography by Darren Burton

Videography by Derrick Woodyard 




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