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Most of my people are about hoes, dough, and history. It’s hard to get up out of the hood, when we a mystery.Wood Floors, Domineko

Hail from Kansas City, Missouri, Domineko spits venomous lyrics over 90’s inspired boom-bap beats. He gives the listener a grand entrance into the working of his poetic mind. Domineko is a new artist to look out for. It is highly recommended to have Wood Floors LP placed into rotation for the whip with the speakers blasting loud.

What inspired you to release the LP, Wood Floors?

My inspiration for the LP came from my overall life experiences over the past 4 years. Yes Wood Floors took 4 years to complete. I’ve had a few of those instrumentals for that long. I’m also in a 3 piece rap group called Yawn Johnson and we had just dropped our self-titled debut. Once I we had released that album it was like the pilot erupted and I knew it was time.

Knock, Knocking featuring Le Izmore, which is produced by Ecid, is the single released for Wood Floors, what was your motivation for this song to be your debut track for this album?

 Actually the first release was the Mike Hurst track entitled Happy Home, then Knock Knocking. The motivation behind that being a single was to display a sense of real hip hop. Luckily fellow Midwesterner Les Izmore helped me achieve.

What other areas do you hope to dive into?

I really wasn’t looking for any specific sound. It all just happened natural. I feel like the 90’s feel came from my subconscious. I don’t want to be all churchy but I just keep praying while grinding and networking. Pretty much everything eventually fell in my lap.

 Kansas City is the mecca of Jazz music, what Jazz artist encouraged your style that you have today or does your beat selection reflect your hometown influence?

I’ve always listened to jazz but only just recently have I been able to soak it in. My girl put me on Miles Davis and Coltrane. Charlie Parker is also a great listen. When it comes to my instrumentals because of Jazz as a genre, I’m a sucker for smooth. I’ve always been an oddball though. I feel like I’ve just now perfected my style if any lol.

 What is next for you, Domineko, as an artist?

The rest of this year will be all about Wood Floors. From networking to the visuals, we still have in the works. Building the Domineko brand itself will also be a main focus. As new music goes, I’m probably going to fall back and just do features for a good minute. Two big things I want to concentrate on is finding a booking agent and keeping a good relationship with a PR. The one I’m working with now is pretty legit. I’m hoping to take our business relationship to the next level. I like her energy.

Do you have any upcoming performances?

 I have my LP release party on June. 6th at this street art gallery called Kultured Chameleon. Shout out to Lee. He owns that place. He’s helped so much. Then I have a show on the 14th with Les Izmore and D/Will. They form a duo called Heartfelt Anarchy. They both blessed Wood Floors with their talents. I’m thankful to share songs and now stages with their local powerhouse. After the 14th I really wanna take some time and invest in myself. Focus on getting out of Kansas City to those listeners out of town, state, and one day the country.

 You seem like a well-versed artist, what inspires your creativity?

As far as my creativity goes I want to say my imagination has a big part in the inspiration aspect. I’ve always been into anime and video games. The stories always reeled me in. All the personalities and culture that people could create amazed me. So I started drawing my own characters and creating my own worlds. I know this sounds like the next Disney movie but in short I’ve always kept my Inner child healthy. That’s allowed me to create things as original and as creative as Wood Floors and all those cartoons I used to create.

Click on the link to check out Domeniko’s new video!

Interview by Nyvia

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