André Leon Talley joins forces with Tom Ford for Numéro Russia’s most recent issue,

André Leon Talley joins forces with Tom Ford for Numéro Russia’s most recent issue, which contains a 14+ page spread featuring cover models Conrad Bromfield (left) and the legendaryPat Cleveland. The pair wears clothes from Ford’s spring women’s collection, although Bromfield is mostly naked through the entire thing (not that we’re complaining!) Talley, who calls his position at Numéro his “creative playpen,” believes in the message and emotions this shoot conjures up: “There are two people of color on the cover looking provocative and elegant,” he told WWD. “And Pat must be 60 now, proving that fashion is not about age. It crashes through the boundaries of ageism.”  Ford,  on the other hand, who shot the whole thing, says he  was just happy to put together a great editorial: “…I simply cast the two people that I most wanted to work with and who I find beautiful. Pat Cleveland is iconic, yet she is still completely current as a model. Her age is irrelevant because her aura and what she is able to bring to a shoot and project to the camera is ageless and timeless,” he explained. “I photographed Conrad with her in somewhat sexual poses, and the two of them as a couple do not look remotely ridiculous together, despite their age difference. They look absolutely right and completely plausible because Pat is forever young in her mind — and I must say her body as well.”  I’ve gotta agree–Pat and Conrad look great together! Thoughts on the cover? (WWD)

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