The Dresscamp AW14 show was another over-the-top outing for Toshikazu Iwaya, who has established his brand’s signature fun flavour over recent seasons with vibrant designs and playful styling. Closing Tokyo Fashion Week, this collection was exemplary of the city’s unique fashion sensibility. There was no confusing this for the runways of Paris or Milan, and while it was closer to London, even the British capital would unlikely orchestrate such a specific affair. There was something quite amusing to the pimps and hoes reference, what with the textiles, those hats, the male models’ cartoon-like moustaches and the deliberately overdone hair on their female counterparts. Then there were the more modern gangsta notes, that is the hop-hop inspired streetwear pieces, epitomised in those sweaters with ‘gorgeous W’ branded across their fronts. There was a lot going on and, should the truth be told, it was at times chaotic. However, it was perfect at what it was meant to be and there were numerous great takeaway pieces that would work just as well on their own as when part of this rather particular, exaggerated aesthetic


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