Are Kanye West and A$AP Rocky Starting a Mask Movement?

There’s no question that Kanye West has been one of the most influential celebrity figures when it comes to menswear fashion. Just like with hip hop, he’s always at the forefront pushing the envelope with new ideas and experimental concepts that capture everyone’s attention. At the turn of the new year, Kanye introduced a new fashion statement bywearing a Maison Martin Margiela crystal mask while performing at the Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The rapper was then seen in Paris, France rocking a red ski mask.

While some may have thought this would never catch on, it looks like it’s starting to because rapper A$AP Rocky was seen wearing a black mask at the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013 show during New York Fashion Week. Now the fact that they’re both wearing masks around the same time could just be coincidental, but it could also signify that a new trend is upon us. What do you think?




As you guys know we have an art movement in Baltimore city and out signature is wearing mask once your in the art group we have been doing it for quite sometimes now. Check out the post to learn more

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