Vogue Magazine History: Celebrating 120 Years ​


Vogue Magazine was created in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in New York City. The magazine started out as a socialite, high status magazine for women as well as men. It was not until Conde Nast took over Vogue Magazine in 1909, that it became a predominately women’s fashion magazine. The covers of Vogue were to specifically display the best illustrations and photographs surrounding the magnificent world of fashion. By the Great Depression sales of the magazine seemingly soared and fashion houses and designers were all working and wanting to get their pieces displayed in the acclaimed magazine.

By 1988 Anna Wintour, an English journalist who was previously Editor in Chief at British Vogue, took the top spot as the Editor in Chief in the United States. Wintour is best known for her cut to perfection bob, dark sunglasses, and her authoritarian style of leading; which intimidates every assistant she has ever had, as well as the entire fashion world.
In 2003 Lauren Weisberger a former assistant for Wintour, published a novel entitled “Devil Wears Prada” which was supposedly reflecting her years working for Vogue.

The novel was later made in to a film in 2006, starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. The movie showed Wintour to be a cold tyrant, and further sealed her name as “the dragon lady”. She may not be the easiest to work with but her work ethic and skill for the job is absolutely undeniable. Once in fashion you will learn that her opinion is the only one that matters.
From the success of Vogue, there is now Vogue UK, Vogue France, Vogue Russia, Vogue Brazil; as well as Teen Vogue which launched in 2001, Vogue Living, and Men’s Vogue. The magazine encourages reporting on cultural and political issues to reflect the concerns of a modern working woman. Vogue’s 120 years has helped change the average woman and fashion as we know it. It is not opinion when we say Vogue is the most influential fashion magazine now and forever.

By Prince Hart

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