Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: From Hollywood darlings to Fashion trailblazers

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: From Hollywood darlings to Fashion trailblazers ​The Olsen’s burst onto the scene as Michelle Tanner in the highly popular 90s sitcom Full House, before they could even talk. From the show The Olsen Twins created a brand, and went on to producing TV shows, movies, a cosmetic line, furniture, and their most thrilling venture yet…fashion. Mary-Kate Olsen was one of the first to push “boho-chic” into the public eye.

The big glasses, oversized sweaters, the very thin waist and beach/bed hair were all a part of “the look.” Ashley opted for a more classic look with red lips, and while Mary-Kate plays a brunette, blonde hair has always been Ashley’s choice. The two have a slightly different style, which compliments the pair the best. These two fashion icons in the making don’t just look the part they are key players in the world of high-fashion.

The twins have created a high end couture fashion line called “The Row” and it is nothing short of perfection. The garments are very classic pieces full of wearable everyday clean items. It is slightly over priced, but it’s the Olsen Twins and it is a high end line so what do you expect. This timeless collection and brand is worth every penny, and are selling like hotcakes. With all that being said, there should be no question why the dynamic duo graced the covers of Vogue: Best Dressed issue. These two are talented, smart and edgy and I am excited to see what their next move will be when it relates to fashion.

-Prince Hart

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