Tailored Clothes the difference

Observe a well dressed man in well tailored clothing with a fit just right for him – and that’s just it, a fit just right for him. That’s the concept of having clothing special fitted for you. Looking at the difference between tailored and ‘off-the-rack clothing, the appearance and perception.


First off, I didn’t grow up knowing the difference between tailored and off-the-rack clothing but I could always identify and indicate who looked more put together and trim than the other. Now a days, I don’t consider clothing unless the fit is ideal and accomplished to my liking. I advise, in any occasion or circumstance, before purchasing clothing (Jackets, Blazers, Shirts, Pants, Etc…) to keep a trim look, make sure it has a fit, furnished and neat appearance when wearing the garment rather than a baggy look which communicates something totally different (nothing positive).

What I find many individuals don’t consider is that communication is not just verbal. In fact, much of it is transmitted through body language and appearance. The very thought of someone mistaken me for a very wealthy and successful business man, catering and providing the best of service just based on my appearance and clothing is still mind blowing to me. Wearing tailored clothing gives off a form of respect for yourself and respect for the individual’s around you. Once you are displaying respect for yourself, others will automatically treat you with the upmost respect and at the end of the day that’s what most of us acquire – respect.

Samuel Peart – A Fashionable Gentleman.

Residing in Toronto, Canada.

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