Swizz Beatz Global Creative Director for Reebok


Swizz Beatz did an interview for http://lifeandtimes.com/on-to-the-next-one People always consider him as a beat maker which he his but he is also the Global Creative Director for Reebok, VP of Design Lotus North America and shoe designer Christian Louboutin. This is a huge deal. In the interview he talks about how he sat down with Basquiat’s  and thought it was about time they educate today’s youth about who he is because they’re hearing [the name] Basquiat in his raps.” In the past few years Swizz has emerged as a sought-after consultant in the world of luxury good and a passionate, if not unlikely, patron of the arts in hip-hop. Check the full interview out on http://lifeandtimes.com/on-to-the-next-one 

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