Rome & Tale ” Conquer The World ” Fall/Winter Collection

Rome & Tale is a luxury brand derived from the historical knowledge and beauty of the city of Rome. With Rome being a great and powerful city known for such a strong empire, Rome & Tale will resemble that greatness as a brand. The “Tale” comes from the knowledge and stories that we’re once told in the great city of Rome, and around the world reflecting on classic, unique & diverse fashion. This will give a historical background on every luxurious Rome & Tale product. The use of fur, came as an inspiration from the statement attires in Rome, to show ones status and achievement after a hunt has been abstracted, forming the premium wear that brings us back to nature, back through history. This brand is diverse & will continue to build the legacy and empire it was created for. We all know I love an icyyy luxury brand check out there photos of the collection and promo video and there site¬†
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