Randy Talks Style & Fashion Giving a Mindset

Randy is from the Blaquebook.com and he stays icyyy when it comes to fashion. It is always nice to see African American men that is trying to pursue a career and showing the world the steps of conquering the world and thee industry. Check out my interview with Randy and his stylist photos
1. When did you start TheBlaqueBook.com and why?
    TheBlaqueBook, started a little over a year ago. My brother Javan and I decided to display our style, interests in life, not to mention the lifestyle.  TheBlaqueBook is fashion, style, and luxurious scenery; becoming the go-to-source for styling council in Alabama, collaborations with LaVita Clothing and iConTips, networking with Street Etiquette, Chilly-O, Fli Pelican, Convertible Burt; styling Travis Porter for the XXL Freshman 2011 Class Issue, becoming a guest correspondent for the international magazine Fashion-African-Black, being featured and spotlighted by Urbane, The University of Alabama’s Crimson White, and Howard’s Hilltop.
2. How would you describe your style, your inspirations?
I would describe my style as easy going at times, However, Ive been told I represent an Urban Renaissance gentleman. Whatever it may be, I believe that style is everything, and having a natural flow for style, its almost predestined to your individuality will be displayed in a manner that is incomprehensible at sometimes. My inspirations are just the same, I currently hold The University of Alabama The Student Government Assocation Executive Vice President position, while preparing for internship after internship,  I want to make my mark. I’ll do just that.

3. What has fashion give back to you?
Fashion has giving me a mindset like no other; I am so motivated on a daily to hard work for everything and never give up. With that said, fashion always gives me something to look for, the chase for whats next is what I love.
4. What school you go to to and your major?
I attend The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My major is Apparel & Textiles with a concentration in Fashion Retailing/Merchandising.
5.  Do you have any future projects in the works?
Chanel LA Summer ’12, TheBlaqueBook New York Fall ’12.
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