Model Spotlight ‘Eldridge Henderson

Eldridge Henderson a ford model has been taking the model world by storm. He recently did an intresing interview with It is always nice to see african american male models work and be smething huge in the industry.He was born and raised in San Francisco. Modeled as a kid with barbizon and just 2 years ago signed a major contract with Ford . During the  interview Eldridge quotes “Fashion makes me feel alive.. It’s my my weapon and expression by myself” I asked him if if he could give any encouraging words to guys who are trying to make it in the industry he responded “Be you to the fullest of your ability. Master your own nitch and style in the industry. Confidence is great but Confidence and being able to be humble is even greater . Many people of the world  think the fashion industry is racist when it comes to booking models of color. His thoughts were the industry has became better with booking models of color. but I think it’s more so because it’s needed to show people of color “we” or this “brand” wants to be worldwide and not focus on one race. I agree and we wish you all the more success in your career from check out the photos below

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