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As the saying goes, “The kids are our future –” and I say, “We better have our future looking good – well dressed and well mannered”. For those of us who have kids and young siblings, sooner or later we start to notice how observant those adolescent kids are. I feel it’s our responsibility to have our kids looking their best, at all times – they’re a reflection of ourselves and everything they see. I always admire the snazzy dressed kids and usually not far away are the chic looking parents who take pride in not only the way they look but in the appearance of their entire family. I feel there is no reason to have our child or sibling look poorly especially if we or the parent looks the total opposite. There are a variety of retailers and designers that cater well for kids at different pricing-H&M, GAP,Ralph Lauren, Mexx, Old Navy, D&G and many more



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