Icy Find Lil wayne Rocks Fall 2009 Michael Kors Fur Hats

The world has been buzzing about Lil Wayne fur hats. They are Michael Kors everybody. It is clearly little wanye stylist pulls items from the high fashion runways. I think his style is a good way to keep people talking. He has key pieces that cant be styled correctly but they choose to make it a hot spicy mess. there’s anyone who isn’t afraid of making a bold, clashing, totally ridiculous yet incredibly audacious style statement, it’s Lil Wayne. Weezy’s the king of his own kingdom, you know, and he doesn’t give a gizzard’s glip if you think what he’s wearing is fashionable or not. That’s what makes it fashionable, you see. That’s why we may have to foreshadow a style trend yet to come courtesy of the Weez, because when the dude throws on something crazy and throws it on TWICE, it’s the sign of things to come, be it in the form of hisforthcoming fashion line or simply a style choice adopted by the masses. I wonder what he puts in his fanny packs 🙂



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