Herve Lege

Many people don’t take the time out to know what a designer dress cost the amount it do or how long it takes to make the garment. Herve Lege worked with Karl Legerfeild on Fendi fur. The bands of stretch that is made with wool, silk, lycra and Elastene, During the years the dress became very famous. it all started in 1989  when the collection was presented to the fasion world. Tyra Banks also wore the red ensemble to the Oscars in 1996. Most celebrities today wear the dresses but some are to big to fit in them.  Herve Lege quoted

“He says, “I like to make women look beautiful, who want to please and be noticed”. Leger is fast becoming the master of high-tech sex appeal, but he is anxious to diversify after his success with the band dresses.

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