Dashing in the snow Party Season!

Every girl heart desires the finer things in this posh life. She deserves all the things from the smallest to the largest of bling! She also has the power, with a simple stroke of Ruby Woo (matte-red MAC lipstick), to become the most gorgeous makeup-maven known to man. Dressed in black fur, the finest of linen, five-inch Lanvins and a skull-encrusted McQueen clutch in tow; a self-made chic rockstar, right? Ofcourse, but where’s her theme music? In this case, her theme music will be all that makes her glitter (high and low-end pieces) this party-season.

Here at AnotherFashionBook.com, we suggest you look your absolute best! WE GIVE—dashing hair tricks, fab makeup tips and show-stopping outfit ideas; we’re inspired to bedazzle you with ways to look “DASHING IN THE SNOW!

Bling wisely.

When wearing blingy accessories do remember the #1 key is to piece carefully. Go for a bold art-deco necklace and pair with a match in earrings. Vintage-inspired sets always wows the room! Also, if you would like to go heavy on the hands try jewel-encrusted rings with gold embellishing to sparkle and get noticed with simplest of hand gestures. When choosing a bracelet for added bling be sure to arrange a cuff on the arm, whereas, it’s more attractive than loose bracelets…they tend to make more noise than define you look!!! Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a simple blinged clutch. It’s one piece that you can go all out with—any shape, color but keep at a hand-held or underarm size. Viola! Tis’ the season to BLING!!


Red lips are a yes for any party season (or any season for that matter)!!! They speak volumes. Color is key for the conversation opener. Stay chic in any shiny or matte red tones. Safely, a wine-red stained lip is classic and a must do! Thank me later! EYES: Three words…retro- winged eyes!! Classy. Chic. Charismatic. Retro eyes are very clean. This look gets the boy! All it takes is eyeliner (gel or liquid) on the lower lid to execute this look. Work to keep the line sharp; the straighter the sexier. To save the best for last topping off this attraction, strike for blushed glowing cheeks. Go for it! Meeeeeooooow!


As we all have concluded, at parties, you either get noticed from this waist up or quickly viewed from the full body aspect of things. Noticed from these viewpoints you want to stand visually corrected by any means necessary. FULL BODY: To strike hot go for a LBD (little black dress). LBD’s at parties should be worn naughty—short and sleek. Who ever has fun dancing in a full length dress all night? You want to work the roomwith all your avid-sheek grace and glory, not have a work-out from keeping the “full length” in place; hoping no to trip over it! OK, ok I feel proud to say that sequin dresses are absolutely wearable this time of the year. Body bling has never been a crime. Sequin brings “all of the lights” for any party; day or night. Also to stay lavishly warm while blinging out, be sure to wrap in a fur (faux or real) throw or scarf. The items (shown) together pairs together very nice. WAIST UP: Opt for throwing out your usual black blazer for a more strong one. Ruffled, sequined, fur or even a graphic blazer will make you the focal point of any event. Ruffled because it brings out the delicate diva. Sequined brings the daring party girl out. Fur (in any color)sets the high standards just to get noticed—all worn is a win, win!! Fashion-forwardness at it’s best.

Make your move this holiday season…be noticed while dashing in the snow!

By, Latoya

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