Best Dressed of 2011

The twins take the world by storm when they come out. They wear most high fashion designers but the twins has a fetish for vitnage goods as well. Vogue picked them as best dressed of the year and I agree. If Kanye wanna hang out with you, your really icy

Angela Simmons Style looks very comforbale. Ms. Simmons stylist make sure she wears key high fashion garments but still keeps her style in a comforbale place. Thats what a stylist is suppose to do. There is no doubt that she can go from Chanel Rocker boots to high 6 inch heels.

Kid Cudi street style is always on point when he is hitting the towns. I give him a spot for best dressed for 2011 because you can tell his is not trying as hard when wearing selected peices. When being a rap artist you should take pride in the way you look because you are a role model to the future. Let’s hope Kid Cudi bring it 2012 as well.

Solange Knowles

Solange has worn everything from a turban, feathers, print, wild bright colors, to a simple beautiful gown. Solange this year has always seemed to step out the box when it comes to her fashion and we must admit she never seems to disappoint us! Let’s hope Sol-Angel releases that new album in 2012.

Scott Disick

Scott Disick is sharp and he knows it. Even when he’s not dressed up, he looks dressed up. What’s his trick? Well it’s all in the footwork. Whether he’s wearing a sweater and jeans or a full blown suit, Scott Disick keeps one thing consistent, he always has on a pair of loafers. I can just imagine what his shoe closet looks like: two pairs of sneakers, one pair of sandals, and five hundred pairs of loafers. Here’s Scott’s best looks for the year 2011. What do you think?

Via Upscale

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